The Scary Movie Quiz

Question #1: What then-teen icon turned down the lead male role in 1994’s kid-friendly Hocus Pocus?

Question #2: What surprising (but super famous) person played the janitor in Wes Craven’s Scream?

Question #3: If Virginia Madsen had turned down the lead in Candyman, who was next in line?

Question #4: Who turned down the lead in The Ring?

Question #5: Funnyman Paul Rudd broke into the movie scene in Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers. Who was he credited as?

Question #6: What now-A-lister couldn’t get a part in Rob Zombie’s Halloween reboot?

Question #7: Who turned down the lead role in Scream?

Question #8: The mask in Halloween in based on which famous person’s face?

Question #9: How many cats played Church in Pet Sematary?