The Magical Disney Quiz

Question #1: Who was supposed to do the music for The Lion King, but was unavailable?

Question #2: Which Disney movie was the first animated film nominated for an Oscar for Best Picture?

Question #3: What was the first animated Disney film directed by a woman?

Question #4: All appear as extras in The Little Mermaid (a crowd scene) except for. . .

Question #5: The author of what series spent the premiere in tears, and would not allow Disney to continue the series?

Question #6: What movie was such a huge flop it caused massive layoffs at Disney?

Question #7: What did the creator of Peter Pan (J.M. Barie) do with the rights of the series?

Question #8: Dervish Chase, who played creepy Samara in The Ring, also lent her voice to what Disney animated film?

Question #9: Ariel of The Little Mermaid was partially modeled after what actress?

Question #10: For which animated Disney movie did Beyonce refuse to audition, expecting to be offered the role, and then lost it?

Question #11: Before he was Batman, Christian Bale lent his voice to which animated Disney film?

Question #12: Which name was not considered for the seven dwarfs?

Question #13: Christina Aguilera’s debut single was featured in what movie?