Robin Williams

One of the greatest comedians of all time, the world will miss Robin Williams. How well did you know him?

Question #1: Robin Williams was nominated for an Academy award four times, winning once (Good Will Hunting). He was not nominated for which movie?

Question #2: Who was one of Robin Williams’s best friends in college, who would literally feed him because he couldn’t afford to eat?

Question #3: Robin Williams heavily improvised during all of these films except the following. . .?

Question #4: Growing Up, Robin Williams’s Favorite Book was. . . ?

Question #5: Robin Williams received his largest paycheck for what movie?

Question #6: What is Robin Williams’s Lowest-Rated Movie on Rotten Tomatoes?

Question #7: Who has Robin Williams said is his favorite celebrity to impersonate?

Question #8: True or False: Robin Williams ad libbed the role of the Genie so much in Disney’s Aladdin that it was rendered ineligible for the Academy Award.

Question #9: Robin Williams has appeared in three movies that have been nominated for the Best Picture Oscar. These include all but which movie?