Monsters, Inc.

One of Pixar’s most critically well-received animated films, Monsters, Inc. is charming, heart-warming, and features an actor who won a Golden Globe for his work in my favorite show of all time (Roseanne – don’t judge me). Of course I had to create a quiz for this movie!

Question #1: Who play the two main monsters in Monsters, Inc.?

Question #2: What does Sulley call the little girl he befriends?

Question #3: A scarer is required to undergo a rigorous cleansing process when he accidentally brings what item back from the human world?

Question #4: Thirteen years after Monsters, Inc. was released, a prequel was released (meaning it takes place before the events of Monsters, Inc.). Who does not lend their voice?

Question #5: What is the name of the monsters’s community in Monsters, Inc.?

Question #6: Where in their lair do the monsters use portals to scare children?

Question #7: What is the name of the torture machine invented by devious monster, Randall?

Question #8: What activates the doors that Sulley and Mike use to escape to the human world?

Question #9: Where are Mike and Sulley banished?