Monsters Inc. 2

Question #1: Pixar gives a shout out to one of its staff’s favorite restaurants by featuring it in Monsters, Inc. What is the name of the restaurant?

Question #2: True or false: Monsters University earned more money than Monsters, Inc.

Question #3: Jennifer Tilly, the actress who voiced Celia Mae, told Pixar about the script they purchased and turned into which movie. . . ?

Question #4: This actor lost out on the role of Sulley in Monster’s Inc. because producers couldn’t find him when they wanted to offer him the role. (He is also known for not having an agent).

Question #5: Billy Crystal agreed to voice Sulley because he kicked himself for turning down the lead in what Pixar smash?

Question #6: Monsters, Inc. won an Academy Award in what category?

Question #7: What is Monsters, Inc.’s score on rotten tomatoes?