Bill Murray Lissa

Everyone loves Bill Murray. How much do you know about one of the coolest dudes in Hollywood?

Question #1: Which Bill Murray movie did Roger Ebert say he underrated initially, when he later added to his “Great Movies” list?

Question #2: True or false: Bill Murray has a Twitter account.

Question #3: Bill Murray has appeared in many of director Wes Anderson’s films (eight, to be exact). In which movie did he not appear?

Question #4: The groundhog in Groundhog Day’s bit Bill Murray. . . twice. True or false?

Question #5: Bill Murray is famous for not having a publicist or an agent, enabling producers to get in touch with him only via a voicemail box he checks infrequently. Because of this, he has missed out on many famous roles. This does not include:

Question #6: The role in this movie was written specifically for Bill Murray even though the writer/director had never met him.

Question #7: Turning down this role is one of the only career choices he regrets.

Question #8: Bill Murray appears in four of the American Film Institute’s 100 Funniest Movies. This does not include:

Question #9: Bill Murray got into a physical fight with which Saturday Night Live cast mate?

Question #10: Murray was so obsessed with making the film adaptation of novel, The Razor’s Edge, that he agreed to make this movie with Columbia in exchange for financing:

Question #11: Who stole Bill Murray’s Oscar for Best Actor? (Bill Murray was nominated for Lost in Translation).

Question #12: What measure did Ted Melfi, who directed Bill Murray in his Golden Globe-nominated St. Vincent, NOT use to find him to cast him?

Question #13: Bill Murray owns a home in Charleston, S.C. and spends a good deal of time there. So many people in Charleston have Bill Murray stories and sightings that a local radio station instituted a regular “Where’s Bill?” feature. True or false?

Question #14: Why do directors of Bill Murray’s movies have a hard time getting him to come to set?

Question #15: These four Bill Murray movies are all rated 90% or above in Rotten Tomatoes. Which has the highest rating?