The Scream Franchise

The Scream franchise reinvigorated the career of Wes Craven, the creative genius behind A Nightmare on Elm Street movies. It also made so much money that similar teen horror movie scripts that failed to sell years before got snatched up. (Say, “thank you,” screenwriters of The Faculty).

Question #1: What was Scream originally titled?

Question #2: Kevin Williamson, the screenwriter for Scream, wrote all of the following screenplays except. . .

Question #3: Who turned down the title role of Sidney Prescott because she thought she was too old to play a high-schooler?

Question #4: How many stars did Roger Ebert give the original Scream?

Question #5: Which Scream in the franchise has the highest rating on Rotten Tomatoes?

Question #6: Who wanted Emma Roberts’s role in Scream 4, but lost out?

Question #7: How many years after Scream 3 was Scream 4 released?

Question #8: What horror movie are the kids watching during the party scene in the original Scream?

Question #9: What horror movie rule is not referenced in the original Scream?

Question #10: How old was Neve Campbell when she played a high school senior in Scream?