The Pixar Quiz


With smashes like Inside Out grossing billions of dollars worldwide (and getting nominated for Oscars), Pixar is a money-making machine. Test your knowledge of one of the most successful film studios of all time.

Question #1: Who declined the role of Merida in Brave due to scheduling issues?

Question #2: Which of Pixar’s film is the second animated film (ever) to be nominated for a Best Picture Oscar?

Question #3: Who has lent his voice to every single Pixar film?

Woody Allen
Billy Crystal
John Ratzenberger
Craig T. Nelson

Question #4: Earning over $10 billion in merchandising sales alone, which movie is Pixar’s most profitable?

Question #5: What is the best-selling DVD of all time?

Question #6: What actor recorded ALL of the dialogue for Marlin in Finding Nemo, then got the axe because he was deemed “not the right fit?”

William H. Macy
Jeff Bridges
J.K. Simmons
Billy Crystal

Question #7: Which of the Toy Story movies has the lowest Rotten Tomatoes rating. . . at 99%?

Question #8: What actor turned down the role of Woody in Toy Story, and now considers that to be the biggest blunder of his career?

Question #9: Which Pixar blockbuster almost didn’t get finished because of issues with the main character being likable?

Question #10: Pixar was bought for $5 million in 1986. When Disney acquired it in 2006, how much did it pay for it?

Question #11: Who bought and named Pixar in 1986?