For Teachers

For Teachers

There are almost limitless possibilities to be creative. Toward this end, here are some basic resources, including reading guides from Monsterville, to get you started in using movies to inspire creativity in students! (appropriate for grades five through eight).

For Non-Readers.  Not every kid wants to spend their weekend reading books. Sometimes, there needs to be a hook, or maybe something visual to engage the non-reader. Movies – and the process of film-making – can be that tool. If you think outside the box, students will too! Here are five film-related exercises for the non-readers in your classroom. The PDF of this page may be accessed here.

Reading Questions – General.  These questions cover the entire scope of MONSTERVILLE: A LISSA BLACK PRODUCTION. Feel free to choose those that would facilitate the liveliest discussion! (And note that there are spoilers contained within these questions). The PDF of this page may be accessed here.

Reading Questions – By Chapter.  These questions cover the chapters (scenes) of MONSTERVILLE: A LISSA BLACK PRODUCTION, in chronological order. The PDF of this page may be accessed here.

Visits! I love getting kids excited about reading and writing. If you are an educator in the Atlanta or St. Louis areas, I am available for in-person school visits. (An example of a presentation is here). For those of you who are a bit farther away, I’m always available to Skype. There is no charge for any of this – I only ask that kids have the opportunity to purchase a signed copy of Monsterville during my visit. (To arrange a visit, please contact me at