In this franchise, a knowledge of scary movies could save your life. How well do you know the four Scream movies?

Question #1: What does the killer say to Casey Becker when he calls?

Question #2: What color is the suit Gale Weathers wears for most of the movie?

Question #3: In the original Scream, when Tatum Calls Sidney to pick her up before the party, which Tom Cruise movie does she reference?

Question #4: What does Randy say is his favorite scary movie when the killer calls in Scream 2?

Question #5: Where does the final showdown take place in Scream 2?

Question #6: Who dies first in Scream 2?

Question #7: Who plays Sidney in the film adaptation of the Woodsboro murders? (Scream 2)

Question #8: When the characters in Scream discuss who would play them if it were a movie, who does Dewey say would play Sidney?

Question #9: In Scream 3, how does the killer decide the order of murders?

Question #10: In Scream 3, what is Sidney Prescott doing while in hiding?

Question #11: Who plays the officer assigned to the murder case in Scream 3?

Question #12: How does Dewey identify the killer in Scream 4?

Question #13: Who plays the best friend role in Scream 4?

Hayden Pantierre
Aly Michalka
Leighton Meester
Amanda Bynes

Question #14: In which movie does Randy bite it?