Jim Carrey 1

Jim Carrey is arguable the king of slapstick, but he’s also proven himself as a serious actor in films such as Eternal Sunshine and the Spotless Mind and The Truman Show. How much do you know about America’s favorite funnyman?

Question #1: Which statement regarding Jim Carrey is false?

Question #2: What is Jim Carrey’s lowest-rated feature film on Rotten Tomatoes?

Question #3: At 94%, what is Jim Carrey’s highest-rated feature film on Rotten Tomatoes? (All of these movies are certified “fresh.”).

Question #4: Which movie is not one of Jim Carrey’s top ten grossing movies?

Question #5: Jim Carrey has won two Golden Globes and been nominated for three, because he is awesome. He did not receive a nomination or win for which movie?

Question #6: Jim Carrey married (and divorced) which co-star?

Question #7: Jim Carrey is a dual citizen of the United States and. . .?

Question #8: When Jim Carrey turned down the role, writers of this hit rewrote the screenplay to make it a better fit for Ben Stiller.

Question #9: Which Jim Carrey film won the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay?

Question #10: Who lobbied hard for the role of The Riddler in Batman Forever before Jim Carrey was cast?